Thriving Coaches

At Thrive we provide amputee coaching and peer support. Our amputee coaches play an important role in helping our amputee community navigate through the steps following limb loss.

One of the most important aspects of our coaching staff is that we are all amputees and have been through what most patients will go through on their journey as an amputee. As amputee coaches we have found that early introductions are important to help eliminate some of the fears associated with an amputation.
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Our Amputee Coaches Have Have Been Where You Are.
Our Amputee Coaches Are Here To Help Our Amputee Community Navigate Through The Steps Following Limb Loss.

Cruz Ochoa CFo

Cruz has been an amputee since 2001 and has been serving as an amputee coach since 2003. Cruz is a traumatic below knee amputee. After amputation he went back to college and received a bachelor’s degree and also became a ABC Certified Orthotic Fitter and was able to continue doing what he loved from camping with his kids, hiking, motorcycle riding, football refereeing and so forth. Cruz offers a unique prospective and no-nonsense approach to coaching.

Jaclyn Monreal

Jaclyn has been a bi-lateral below knee amputee since 2016 and is a Certified Peer Counselor through the Amputee Coalition. Jaclyn’s amputations were elective, and she provides a different perspective and has not let her amputations limit her in any way. Jaclyn has been constantly training so she can complete a marathon in the near future., and she is also training to do a triathlon in the coming year. Along with this accomplishment she raises three boys and is very active in her church and community. She has the ambition and desire to help others showing them that there are no limitations to what one can do and having an amputation doesn’t stop you.

Anthony Lizaola

Anthony has been a traumatic below knee amputee since 2013. After his amputation, Anthony has not let his amputation limit his past activities such as rock climbing, cycling, running, skating, snowboarding, motorcycle riding, driving racecars and most other outdoor activities. Through these activities Anthony is looking at ways to get other amputees involved to help improve their quality of life. Anthony started working as a prosthetic technician in May 2019 and is our newest bi-lingual coach.