THRIVE PROSTHETIC’s practice is different from the other major competitors because we offer a level of costumer service that is above and beyond. Many of our patients find us because they are dissatisfied with the level of care they are receiving. THRIVE has an on-site lab which allows us to modify, repair or even recreate if necessary, while the patient waits in our office. We offer our patients immediate access to our practitioners and usually can be seen within 24hrs of their initial request. We understand the need for the occasional house call when a patient is unable to get to our office.

THRIVE PROSTHETICS is a strong believer in early education. We believe the sooner our patients understand how to take care of their residual limbs or limb deformities the more successful they will be in taking care of their health and becoming independent. That is why we are the only practice in the area to offer our patients an amputee coach! Our coach brings a unique perspective to our amputees. He is an amputee himself and this helps our patients navigate their new life as an amputee with confidence.

THRIVE PROSTHETIC’s practitioners are ABC board-certified, which requires the highest degree of education and training. This ensures that our patients receive safe and appropriate care. Our practitioners pursue educational programs, confer frequently with physicians and therapists (will attend doctor appointments when requested by patient) and provide free patient care instruction seminars to healthcare professionals in hospitals, nursing homes and physical therapy clinics. Our practitioners attend continuing education seminars to maintain and advance their knowledge.
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Our Goal Is Always The Best Outcome For Each Of Our Patients!

We work closely with Physical Therapists and other healthcare professionals to provide the maximum amount of service for the best outcome to each patient.


Vacuum Technology

A sleeve creates a seal around the top edge of the socket, then a pump and exhaust valve remove virtually all air between the socket and the liner as you wear them. The system regulates the vacuum level within a defined range. Vacuum enhances how well your socket adheres to your limb, which reduces shear, regulates residual-limb volume changes and improves circulation in your limb.

Suction Technology

A suction system consists of a soft liner, a one-way valve and a sealing sleeve. Inserting your liner-covered limb into the socket and applying body weight as you stand expels excess air through the valve. Suction provides even adhesion to the entire interior surface of the socket for security, stability and reduced friction and shear.

Running Legs

Carbon fiber running feet are the ideal choice for running prostheses. This type of foot is compressed by body weight and returns to its original shape as you push off of it. The result of this compression and decompression of the blade is that energy is released as you push off allowing you to run more efficiently by minimizing the amount of energy you need to expend. We offer multiple options in running legs and can help you determine which are best for your specific needs and goals.

Micro-Processor Technology

Microprocessors are currently being used in prosthetics for upper and lower extremities. For an artificial leg, microprocessor technology can enable patients to walk down stairs with a more natural gait while providing optimal stability and safety for the patient. Traditional prosthetic knees utilize a hydraulic cylinder that can be adjusted for resistance, but can’t simulate the abilities of an anatomical knee.

Custom Leg Designs

We offer the option for each patient to customize their prosthesis. We offer this as a free service to our patients. We take the material you provide and integrate it onto your prosthesis.