Our Story

Having served the Sacramento area since 2000, we saw a need for better patient care and a more personal experience. This is what launched Thrive Prosthetics into what it has become today. When we opened our doors here at Thrive Prosthetics excellent patient care was our number one goal. We offer our patient’s a unique experience rarely found within today’s medical environment. We feel that the best way we can help our amputee population is through educating them through every step of the process. As a team, we have over 50 combined years in the Prosthetics field and look forward to serving the amputee population in our area.
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Clint Jonutz


Clint Jonutz has been practicing prosthetics in the Sacramento area since 2001. During that time he has established himself as a fiercely committed practitioner who will not give up until each patient is comfortable and satisfied with their prosthesis. He has a wonderful relationship with his patients, many of whom feel like they are his only patient and get his undivided attention and care. Many patients come from hours away (even from different states) because of the quality of his care. He is driven by his desire to help individuals regain their independence and get back to their normal daily routine. He is a strong believer in early education for new amputees. The sooner they know how to take care of their residual limb, the more successful they will be as a highly functioning amputee. He enjoys the unique challenge that each patient requires because of their different and individual needs.

Clint enjoys spending time with his wife of 25 years and their 4 children. He is active in his local scouting program and enjoys mentoring youth. When he has time, he enjoys playing basketball, running and any activity that involves water…especially the beach with his family.

Kevin Henry


Kevin is Thrive Prosthetic’s Fabrication Manager and is an ABC Certified Fitter of Orthotics. He has been in the O&P field since 2005. He got his start by fabricating all specialty prosthetic and orthotic devices. This turned into a passion for making the highest quality devices. His past careers in auto repair and construction has given him an advantage in this art. He now oversees all operations and fabricates at Thrive to ensure that every device is the best fitting and looking. This includes working closely with the practitioners and patients.

When he isn’t working hard in the lab or behind the desk, you can find him on the coast. He is an avid fisherman; who loves kayaking, dirk bike riding, camping and restoring old boats. He and his wife have 2 dogs and a turtle.

Cruz Ochoa

Patient Coach

Cruz is Thrive’s amputee coach and is an ABC Certified Fitter of Orthotics. He is a traumatic below knee amputee, due to a motorcycle accident in 2001. Because of this, he brings a unique perspective that he is able to share with our new amputees on what to expect during their rehabilitation process. He is able to give them hope and direction during the healing process. Cruz is a positive, energetic, active amputee and very passionate about educating amputees. He also facilitates an amputee support group that meets monthly. He has been Clint’s patient since 2003 and the two of them have worked together in creating the early rehabilitation program for hospitals. He has an infectious personality and a zest for life that makes him a real asset to our team.

When Cruz is not helping others, you can find him riding his Harley or working as a referee on the high school football field. He has 3 kids and 1 grandchild.

Jaclyn Monreal

Patient Coach

Jaclyn has been a bi-lateral below knee amputee since 2016 and is a Certified Peer Counselor through the Amputee Coalition. Jaclyn’s amputations were elective, and she provides a different perspective and has not let her amputations limit her in any way. Jaclyn has been constantly training so she can complete a marathon in Dec., and she is also training to do a triathlon in the coming year. Along with this accomplishment she raises three boys and is very active in her church and community. She has the ambition and desire to help others showing them that there are no limitations to what one can do and having an amputation doesn’t stop you.

Anthony Lizaola

Patient Coach

Anthony has been a traumatic below knee amputee since 2013. After his amputation, Anthony has not let his amputation limit his past activities such as rock climbing, cycling, running, skating, snowboarding, motorcycle riding, driving racecars and most other outdoor activities. Through these activities Anthony is looking at ways to get other amputees involved to help improve their quality of life. Anthony started working as a prosthetic technician in May 2019 and is our newest bi-lingual coach.


Office Manager

Lidiya is our Office Manager in the beautiful Sacramento Valley. She has completed her Medical Billing and Coding Degree in 2009 and has been in the medical field ever since. Lidiya grew up in Georgia, Russian and is fluent in Russian, Ukrainian and on the better days, can understand Polish. She has been working with Thrive Prosthetics’ Team for over 5 years. Lidiya does all of our Billing and Accounts Receivables for the Sacramento office, along with verifying, educating, and clarifying any insurance questions and concerns. Our primary goal is being patient’s advocate with Insurance companies and physicians’ offices. Everything we do begins and ends with patient care.

On the weekends you can find Lidiya climbing mountain peaks, kayaking and simply enjoying the sunshine. Rain or shine she loves backpacking and traveling. But above it all she looks forward to helping others, to regain their ability to Thrive, not to give up, but to persevere and continue to excel in their life goals.


Vice President of Marketing

Adam is Thrive’s VP of Marketing. He has been involved in marketing in the medical field since 2010. He enjoys working with his team to build the company to new heights so that we can help more people achieve their goals. He is motivated by growing an amazing company to help amputees.

When Adam is not working you can find him spending time with his family, camping, fishing and golfing.