What Our Patients Have to Say About THRIVE!

Joann M.

During this time of the season we often reflect upon all that has taken place through the year and the things and the people we are thankful and grateful for. This year I feel very thankful and grateful for Thrive Prosthetics especially Clint Jonutz and Nicole Desbrow. My brother Steve and I had pretty much lost faith in the medical system until Cruz Clint and Nicole have restored that faith. Clint and Nicole do exactly as they said they would. My brother has been an amputee for about 14 months or so and has kind of been going through a lot. Both Clint and Nicole recognized this and have done everything that they could to make him feel at ease. They have let him know that anytime he has an issue to call or come in and they will do their best to help him and they have. Many many thanks to both of these wonderful people.

Mary E.

Thrives Prosthetic’s dedication, knowledge and expertise has allowed me to pursue my daily endevors with security and confidence. Through the determination and committment of Clint Jonutz (Certified Prosthetist), Kevin Henry (Lead Technician), (Patient Coordinator) Nicole, Lydia (Accounts Manager) and Cruz Ochoa (Patient Support Representative), I have experienced a new level of freedom and mobility. This team is critical to a successful outcome for every patient due to their skills, advanced knowledge, support and ability to provide communication between patients and their insurance companies to best facilitate the health and welfare of their patients. The perfect fitting prosthetic is not just manufactured. It is essential that the prosthetic be customized for the precise fit of each individual patient. This results in a prosthetic that enables the patient to move forward confidently in their lives, with the freedom to challenge themselves beyond their expectations. This is what happened to me. Thrive Prosthetics THRIVES on 100% patient satisfaction which they are determined to achieve for your personal success. I am a 63 year old female who lost her leg at the age of 13. I have experienced a wide variety of prosthetics through the years and always viewed them as a way to live life and pursue my goals without allowing the physical challenges of losing my leg inhibit me. In the past, I’ve had to deal with numerous issues with my former prosthetics causing blisters, slippage, crippling pain and ill-fitting to the point of losing confidence in my mobility and compromising my daily activities. After I was introduced to the team of Thrive Prosthetics, I found they have a positive “can-do” approach with the highest level of technical advances to create a prosthetic with a precise socket fit to zero in on a patients custom fit. Their time, attention and dedication, along with their knowledge and expertise has encouraged me to achieve in my daily work as an RN, pursue athletic goals, travel, be fully involved with all the activites of my family and friends and provide me with security to live my life to the fullest.

Kyle S.

Amazing people and amazing care! Truly the best company out there and I have been to many clinics this prosthetic company is truly genuine!

Navull S.

Hey all I just wanted to say without Thrive Prosthetics I wouldn't be able to go out and do the incredible things I get to do. Through the whole teams effort and a lot of time making fine adjustments I've been able to go BLM camping, and other outdoor activites I never thought would be an option after losing my leg. These people have become like a second family to me and truly care about my comfort and well being as a person. Thank you Thrive! You have really made a difference in my life and what I've come to believe is possible!

Elisa M.

My husband and I both go there.  My prior orthotic person sent me with braces and shoes that made it more difficult to walk.  Jesus modified my new shoes and braces so that it didn't interfere with my ability to walk.  He has worked miracles for me!  My husband has s prosthetic that was putting pressure on the bottom of his stump.  His new prosthetic is better fitting and they are working on getting him fixed up.  I can't say enough good things about my experience.

Robert M.

Clint and staff are attentive and knowledgable.

Joe M.

Its interesting to do a review of a situation where i as the customer feel to be very vulnerable, unhappy, scared and untrusting place to learn a new environmental foundation to achieve new personal growth. I have been an amputee for some 15 years and have gone through 5 legs. Most of all cam out the bowels of the mothership prosthetic shops that has monopolized the nations individual shops to a single board room in a high-rise in Austin Texas. Getting a new leg, a fitting, or updating your leg, is, and always will be a very personal and emotional event. My previous experiences with prosthetic businesses have always been very cold and clinical, and end up numbing me to the acceptance of what I have to do. Then, my long-time GP referred me to a new place, he really wanted to see me get good service and care. He sent me to "Thrive Prosthetics". My first phone call was guarded and my suspicions were up. Through all my experiences in the past, I had received more love and care when I replaced a muffler on my car. I made the call and was disarmed by receptionist/tech Nicole, who informed me that Thrive was different from the others, and each patient would receive their best effort all the time. I bought in and she was right. Clint is a seasoned Prosthetist that wanted to know about my needs and concerns and assured me that he would incorporate them into my new leg. They have an on-site manufacturing shop run by Kevin who sits in the fitment conversations to help identify your care needs. The people at "Thrive Prosthetics" really care about you, they don't want you going forward until everything is right. I know many contemporaries who have had their legs end up in a closet and or they end up in a wheel chair or crutches. Not going to happen here at Thrive. Clint gave me a shop personal phone number and wants to know how my day is going with my fitment progression. Amputees leg volume changes a lot in our journey, our bones shift and take on new directions, the understanding that is what "Thrive" does best. They want you to make sure you are in love with your new body accessory to enjoy the rest of your life. Thrive Prosthetics is a welcomed, understanding, and fabrication in Prosthetics.  

Rachel E.

Let me start by saying, i love love love Thrive! I have gone to pretty much every Prothetist in Sacramento. It seemed to me with hanger, river city prosthetic, pacific medical ortho and prosthetics, and anchor, they all failed me, the patient. It became about production, it really didn't matter if the quality was even average as long as they got paid. Being a woman I have struggled between being heard, my feminine image and communicating with a person who had no idea or cares what is important to me when it comes to image and function as a below the knee amputee. I finally found my place. Clint, Kevin and Cruz have surpassed even my expectation. I went from having. Whole in my leg when I was with hanger because they ignored me or maybe their Prothetist didn't know what they were doing, to my leg being completely clean with absolutely no calluses or open wounds anymore. I have been with the group for a while now and get personal attention every time. There my leg men. If I could give them more stars I would. Quality, caring, concerned staff

Cruz O.

Best place in the world, to get you back on your feet...

Theresa B.

Best people to work with Definitely the absolute best customer service awesome experience Excellent environment to be able to get and keep you motivated and back on your feet or use of your arms if that's the case. I just love it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Phil A.

My first time here but not my first time dealing with Clint. I love dealing with Clint he explains the the different types of legs that will work good for me I know I will be coming to thrive for now on I am a 8 year below the knee and know what I am looking for in a good fitting socket and so does Clint.